Tuition and Fees

Tuition for 2019-2020

Souls Harbor Daycare

A Ministry of Soul's Harbor FWB Church

21325 US HWY 31 Vinemont, AL 35179

Phone: 256-734-2882 / E-Mail:

Affordable Current Daycare Rates for 2019-2020


Fee Schedule for full-time children

Definition of full-time: Enrolled for 5 days each week

  • Registration due the first day of attendance: $30.00 per year. (Sept.-Aug.)
  • Infants not potty trained: $80.00 each week
  • Children who are potty trained: $75.00 each week
  • 2 children: $145.00 each week (potty trained or not)
  • 3 Children: $190.00 each week (potty trained or not)
  • 4 or more children, add $45.00 for each child.
  • Immunization must be up to date upon enrollment

All fees must be kept current. Arrangements may be made for parents who are paid bi-weekly.

Parents will be refused care if fees are not paid on time.

Sick Days: Children who are absent due to sickness and have a doctor's excuse or a Doctor's visit receipt for the days absent may be excused from paying for the day or the days they are excused by the Doctor.

Vacation: Families will be allowed one week each year with no charges for a family vacation. The child/ children must out for the full week to qualify. The child/children must have been in attendance at Soul's Harbor Day Care for a minimum of 3 months to qualify for this benefit.

If the Day Care is Closed for any reason there will be no charges for that day/days.

There is a separate fee schedule for part-time and drop-ins.

Thank You for the privilege to provide Christian Child Care for your family!

All Children are Charged full-weekly rates regardless of how many days of care.

If bus children stay in the daycare all day $15.00 per/day.

Parents / Guardians must pay weekly.

A family is entitled to a one (1) week vacation week, per year. When the child (children) does not attend for a one week vacation they do not have to pay. The child must have attended at least 3 months and their account must be current to qualify.

If your child is sick and unable to attend daycare, you may provide the daycare with a doctor's excuse and we will not charge you for days the doctor recommends that your child not attend.

> If any parent or guardian fails to pay for 3 weeks, that child will lose its privilege to attend this daycare.

We are honored that you have entrusted the care of your child to us. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments to help us better serve you.