• VCA's Home School Program has an excellent structured program to teach your children at home. A Bible centered, individualized, self instructional curriculum is available through our program.
  • VCA provides parent training, student placement testing, academic assistance, curriculum, record keeping, motivation and rewards for those who participate. VCA Home school students are encouraged to take part in student and school activities with on Campus students.
  • VCA has been providing on campus Christian Education since 1975 and has extended this ministry to parents for home schooling since Jan. 2004. We would be glad to share this ministry with you and your children. For more information contact us.

2019 Rates below:

K4 & K5 Kindergarten Fees

Registration & Enrollment: $150 per year per student

Kindergarten Kit: $400.00 ( One time charge)

Adminstrative Fee: $200.00 per year

1st Grade Regristration and Kit Same as K4 & K5

Curriculum usage and Adminstrative Fee: $250.00

First year Registration Fees:

1 Student-- $150.00,

2 Students-- $300.00,

3 Students-- $350.00

Registration includes the Application fee, diagnostic testing, Parent orientation.

Subsequent years; $150 for 1 student, $200 for 2 students, $250.00 for 3 students

The amount of your tuition is determined by the services we provide. Please look at the options below.

Option #1-- Weekly Testing and Reporting

$110.00 monthly per student, includes Administrative fees, curriculum usage fee for 75 paces per child per year. Up to 4 hours weekly on campus academic assistance.

Option #2 -- Quarterly Reporting (for those 20 miles or more away)

$90.00 Monthly per student, Fee incudes: Administrative Fee, Currriculum usage fee for 75 paces per year per child. Record keeping, & quarterly reports, + 4 hours of weekly on campus Academic Assistance.

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