New Caledonia

Gather beneath our banner...

New Caledonia boasts a rich history -- rife with culture, tradition, ritual, and religion. Caledonians from the old country believe strongly in their gods, but in the war’s wake, true Caledonians, born of the four clans, are few and far between. By declaration of the High King, New Caledonia is willing to accept any and all into this new pack in an effort to build an empire greater than the last. These newcomers are ever eager to influence the realm with ideas of their own.

New Caledonia was built with experienced roleplayers in mind. The pack culture and hierarchy is inspired by the themes of high and dark fantasy. Emphasis is placed on storytelling and plot weaving! If you are interested in joining New Caledonia, please read all of the information provided here, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Species: New Caledonia accepts canines from all walks of life but is luperci dominant! Non-luperci are either turned away...or turned.

Archetypes: New Caledonia accepts all and any archetypes: the righteous and the corrupt, politicians and priests, the strong and the clever.

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Amanda - Iomair Nartholiel

Stormie - Athras Eryn