Holistic Life Coaching


Are you ready to make it magical?

Get coaching support for your Soul's journey from a seasoned and certified Holistic Life Coach.

Why does Holistic Life Coaching help?

By unlocking your authentic personality and connecting with your Soul's guidance, you can live with a deeper sense of fulfillment and add true purpose and spiritual meaning to your life experiences.

Basically, you can become more consistently happy, peaceful, and empowered just by being your True Self.

It takes work: the inner work and a commitment to the self-discovery process are much like initiations into the Order of Your Higher Self.

Cultural conditioning, false/misleading belief systems, and stuck emotional energies are just a few of the obstacles we all face in the journey back to remembering our True Self and, thus, exercising our true free will.

Guidance & Support

Work with a professional Holistic Life Coach who has travelled the road you're now walking. Sloan believes in compassionate, encouraging, and direct guidance. She will always meet you right where you are and help you move forward at a pace that's right for you.

One-on-one coaching allows the client and the coach to work together in a way that is unique to the client's immediate needs and long term goals. Each and every person on this earth (each personified Soul) is special and carrying out a distinctly heroic adventure of his/her own. We each have a part to play in the Spirit of Life's grand adventure.

Getting the personal attention you deserve from a coach who has the ability to work well with your uniqueness is a golden key to successful progress.

Tools & Practices

Coaching is not the same as teaching. A teacher provides information and instruction. A coach helps you identify the tools and skills you already possess that will help you grow and evolve as effectively and efficiently as possible. And then, she supports you every step of the way through integration and optimization.

Sloan will not only help you quickly identify the strengths and special abilities you already possess, she'll help you finetune the way you use them in your everyday life. She'll also provide you with actual practices that will help you change negative subconscious programming and release destructive patterns that may be holding you back from your highest good.

She'll help you develop precise strategies for dealing with the more unpleasant aspects of being human. That'll make relationships easier to navigate and goals easier to achieve.

Connected Manifestation

You can connect with the Spirit of Life in deeply profound ways and begin creating your heart's desires. We live in a truly mystical and magical realm of form. Yes, it has its preset limitations. But you can play at the High Limits level, if you're willing to do the self-mastery work and take a deep dive into the magic of your Spiritual Heart.

With Holistic Life Coaching, you can become aware of the universal laws that are governing how you experience Life. You are a creator, and you deserve to enjoy the very best of what Life has to offer. While studying Law of Attraction teachings can be very helpful, it can also be very chaotic and provide only temporary benefits.

Learning how to create from the depths of your Soul and in harmony with your True Being is what will make your manifested experiences truly enriching and your life an enjoyable adventure.

Advanced training on manifesting your heart's desires is available for clients who have worked with Sloan for at least 6 months.

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Sloan Rawlins, BA, JD is a Certified Master Life Coach; Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner; and natural born clairsentient empath. Her approach is simultaneously compassionate and direct. She views each and every client as a very special Soul, who she has the honor and privilege of assisting.

Sloan works with clients who are ready, willing, and able to transform to the next right level for them. Personal growth and spiritual development requires practice and a committed determination to positive and meaningful life change. There is a fundamental difference between just learning what needs to happen and doing the work necessary to facilitate the desired change. Sloan works with clients who understand that the petals of a rose cannot be plucked open. While profound progress can be made in as little as one coaching session, lasting change and Soul-level liberation occurs gradually. Incremental changes are building blocks for long-lasting transformation.

Consistency and dedication is what makes the difference between just getting out of a ditch and going on to create beautiful landscapes.

Sloan's specialty is providing penetrating insights in a sacred space of caring confidence. Her goal is for each client to develop the skills, understanding, and tools he/she needs to meet challenges swiftly and surely, while enjoying the richness of Life on a regular basis.

Sloan currently resides near Lake Texoma, Texas.


Once you click the HERE link, you'll be taken to Sloan's online scheduler where you can pick a convenient day and time for your free conference call with Sloan. This is not a coaching call. Rather, it is an opportunity for you and Sloan to discuss your coaching needs and to determine whether moving forward with Holistic Coaching together is a great fit.

If you prefer, you can also leave a message for Sloan by calling 469-301-1844.


Coaching is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed. Sloan Rawlins is not a licensed therapist or healthcare provider. Coaching Services provided by Sloan Rawlins are solely intended to facilitate personal growth and spiritual development and are, thus, absolutely not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any mental or physical disorder or medical disease of any kind.