Hi, I am a post-doctoral research associate with Patrick Totzke at the University of Liverpool. My research interests is in Theoretical Computer Science, specifically automata, games and logic.

Previously, I did my PhD at LaBRI, University of Bordeaux under the supervision of Anca Muscholl and Gabriele Puppis.

Before that, I did my Masters in Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute(CMI) in 2017 and my Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science from CMI in 2015. My Master's thesis was supervised by B. Srivathsan.

Research Interests

My research interests are in (but not restricted to) Automata Theory, Games, Logic and Verification.

Currently, I am working on problems in algorithmic game theory as part of the EPSRC project "The cost of winning strategies".

I have previously worked on Transducers during my PhD, and on Timed systems during my Masters.


  • Origin-Equivalence of Two-Way Word Transducers Is in PSPACE (FSTTCS 2018)

(With Anca Muscholl, Vincent Penelle and Gabriele Puppis) [arxiv version] [conference version]

  • On Synthesis of Resynchronizers for Transducers (MFCS 2019)

(With Krishna S., Anca Muscholl, Vincent Penelle and Gabriele Puppis) [arxiv version] [conference version]

  • One-way Resynchronizability of Word Transducers (FoSSaCS 2021)

(With Krishna S., Anca Muscholl and Gabriele Puppis) [arxiv version] [conference version] [talk recording]

  • On Decision Problems on Word Transducers with Origin Semantics (Ph.D. Thesis)

(Supervisors: Anca Muscholl and Gabriele Puppis) [Dissertation]



email address: sougata <dot> bose <at> liverpool <dot> ac <dot> uk

Office no 211, Ashton Building

Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK