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We cover all aspects of Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Smartwatch, Console, TV repairs and more!

• Drop-Off Service, Remote Support or Home Visits
A Competitively Priced Fast & Friendly Service
Student & Pensioner Discounts
• All Makes, All Models Repaired
Generous Loyalty Scheme
No Fix No Fee*

a hard disk with mini workmen on it

Data Recovery

Have you lost your...
• Important coursework?
• Important business plans?
• Family photos or holiday videos?

We can help, call now!

A laptop with a stethoscope on it

Hardware Repairs

• Not turning on?
• Lights up but still a blank screen?
• Keyboard or mouse not working?

Call now to get back up and running!

A padlock on top of a credit card

Virus Removal & Security

• Think you have been hacked?
• Popups with random adverts?
• Device running slow, hot or noisy?

Call us now for peace of mind...

A Pile of old electronics

Safe Disposal of Old Equipment

Did you know that when you get rid of your old equipment your information still remains on the device (Even if you format the drive!)

We can safely erase the data and recycle the device.

Managing customers online content

Web Design & Digital Media Management

Need help creating or managing online content about you, your brand or for your website? This includes :

• Removal of your information from the internet (e.g. removal of embarrassing information or pictures about you from social media or Sexstortion)

• Online Reputation Management (e.g. improving online communications, image or brand)

• Identify Theft (e.g. someone posing as you or your business online?)

• Creation and maintenance of online content e.g. professional photos, videos and websites.

• Account management: Too many accounts online e.g. social media, websites or CRM's? Want someone to manage them for you?

We can help!

Android or Apple Phone

Phone, Tablet, Console & TV Repair

• SIM Card Unlocking
• Rooting / Jail breaking
• Custom Firmware Installations (For hardened security or better device performance)
• Black TV Screen or distorted picture?

Old style Mouse

Legacy & Specialist Systems

Do you use (or require) older hardware or software that will not work on modern computers?

Legacy Systems (Physical and Virtual) built for :

• Industrial Printers
• Laser Cutters
• CNC machines
• CAD Machines
• Music Production
• Retro Gaming

4 Old Floppy disks

Digital Archiving & Format Conversion

Want to convert old physical media to digital data?

• LP, Tape or VHS to MP3 / MP4
• Audio Editing / Basic Remastering
• Physical photos to digital photos
• Photo retouching
• Physical documents to a Digital format (e.g. Word or PDF)
• Old digital files in an obsolete format converted to a modern format
• Old Videogames backed up

Teaching Customers how to make the most of their computer devices

Tuition & Careers Advice

Make the most of your devices! Teaching anything from how to use a computer for basic tasks up to teaching users about networking and more advanced computing concepts.

We can also impart insider advice on what it's like to work as an IT professional and how you can reach your chosen career within IT the quickest way possible.


Blue Screen Of Death BSOD
Cracked Laptop Screen before and after
Mac Kernel Panic