Join Us


Both Full and Associate Membership of the society costs £5 for the year, and provides you with access to:

    • All Tournaments and Leagues run by the society
    • All LAN events
    • All viewing parties and socials
    • Use of society PCs/equipment when needed
    • Society Discord and Community Server(s)
    • All other events/programs run by the society, possibly including casting groups and use of/hosting on the society Twitch, and trips to UK LAN events

In addition, Full members (only for students of the University of Southampton) have the right to:

    • Be elected to the Committee
    • Propose topics, discuss and vote at a General Meeting

See our constitution or contact us for more information



If you're a student at the University of Southampton, there are many ways you can register your interest:

Alumni & Non-Students

If you're alumni, a student at another university, or a non-student, you can still become a member. However, you will have to make sure you're signed up for Lifetime, Associate, or Temporary membership of the Student's Union first. Once that's done, simply follow the same process as for students above.

If you have a question about membership, please contact us via email or Facebook.

Note: Associate and Temporary members of the Student's Union can only hold Associate membership of the society, not Full. This does not apply to Alumni who are Lifetime members. For more information, please see our constitution.