The committee is elected every year at the AGM, and are tasked with running the society and promoting it to new members. The exact make-up of the committee will change from year to year, with new roles being added and removed to fit the needs of the society, but will always contain a core of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Scene Reps will usually be your first point of contact, organizing tournaments and managing the community for each individual game. If there's a game we don't yet have a scene rep for, you can request one be added to the committee.

You can see the minutes for all meetings of the committee here, and read more about the duties of each committee member here.


President - Callum Anderson

Greetings, loyal subjects. My job is to make sure everything is running, and no one is on fire. The latter I can usually manage, the former not so much. I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student, and mainly play CS:GO, although I also play Overwatch, and LoL and Hearthstone very, very badly.

Steam: Bothers McBitey

League of Legends: Bothers McBitey

Battletag: LordBothers#2526

Secretary - Alex Madani-Roberts

Steam: Rapidale

League of Legends: Rapidale

Battletag: Rapidale#2814

Smite: Rapidale

Treasurer & LoL Rep - Chris Payne

Hey, I'm Chris Payne, and I'm the League of Legends and NUEL (National University Esports League) representative for the society, and I go by the name of PrivatePayne online.

League of Legends is the most popular MOBA and one of the most popular games in the world currently, and has a thriving eSports scene surrounding it.

My role is to organise everyone interested in League of Legends and provide information about the NUEL, as well as to run events specifically for League of Legends players, though I enjoy a bunch of other games too!

Steam: Braindead Shitnugget

League of Legends: Privatepayne

Battletag: Privatepayne#2209

CS:GO Rep - William Thomas

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