About us

The eSports society is for enthusiastic gamers who wish to engage in competitive gaming, whether it is playing games such as Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Overwatch or just enjoying watching it all on stream.

The society organise online leagues and LAN tournaments so that members of Southampton University can pit themselves against other gamers within the university, and our many NUEL teams play against other universities in the National University Esports League.

If you haven't got a PC with you/it is a potato, fear not! We have 5 society-owned PCs specially for us at LAN events, and by members who otherwise couldn't play in the online leagues.

For those who enjoy watching eSports we host viewing parties on campus for most big events (the International, Majors, etc) and many smaller tournaments, and we stream our own internal league matches with the help of our group of amateur casters. You can also always come and watch our LAN events in person.

We also actively encourage members to share their own esports-related content, whether that's articles they've written, videos they've made, or their twitch stream being hosted on our channel.

Here you can see a break-down of our membership numbers by study area, as of 2015/16.