2018 Presentations

Keynote - Assemblymember Mark Stone

Restoring the San Lorenzo River in the face of climate change, federal deregulation and competing land uses. March 17, 2018 at the Zayante Firehouse.

East 20180317.pdf
PSMFC Salmonid Monitoring - San Lorenzo Symposium.pdf
Kittleson 20180317.pdf
Rich Sampson: Unit Forester, Santa Cruz–San Mateo Unit, Commercial cannabis cultivation, fire and San Lorenzo River watershed health
Michelle Leicester: Senior Environmental Scientist, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Environmental impacts of commercial cannabis cultivation and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Watershed Enforcement Program
Cisco - Cannabis Cultivation_2018.pdf

2017 Presentations

Keynote - California Secretary for Natural Resources, John Laird

"State and Federal Policy Updates and Ramifications for Restoring the San Lorenzo River Watershed"

1. Chris Berry.pdf

Shawn Chartrand, Principal Geomorphologist/Hydrologist, Balance Hydrologics, Inc.

"An Overview of Projecting Water Supply Availability and Instream Flows for Salmonids Using Hydrologic Records and Climate Projections within the San Lorenzo River Basin"

2. Shawn Chartrand.pdf
3. John Ricker for Web.pdf
4. Jeff Nolan.pdf
5. Kristen Kittleson.pdf
7. Chris Coburn.pdf

"Incidental Flows" – performed by Run-S.L.R.

Run-S.L.R. is Coastal Watershed Council Executive Director Greg Pepping, Technical Director Armand Ruby, River Scientist Alev Bilginsoy and Outreach and Development Manager Laurie Egan.

Relationship between Streamflow and Juvenile Steelhead Densities - Don Alley, Fisheries Scientist

9. Don Alley.pdf

2016 Presentations - History & Ecology of the Lagoon

03. Berry FINAL.pdf
04. Hagar FINAL.pdf
05. Kittleson FINAL.pdf
06. Meyers FINAL.pdf

2015 Presentations

01 - Menard State of the Science -- San Lorenzo River.pdf
04 - Kittleson San Lorenzo 2015 Apr 8.pdf
02 - Smith salmonid ecologysan lorenzo.pdf
03 - State_of_SLR_Spence.pdf
05 - Alley City of Santa Cruz Presentaion 41115.pdf
07- Hagar Presentation Fin.pdf
08 - Beck State-of-San-Lo.pdf
09 - Pepping Coastal Watershed Council - State of the SLR Symposium - Draft 05 - Compressed.pdf
10 - Finstad Coho_Temperature_SLR.pdf
11 - Ricker Water Quality and Fish.pdf
12 - Guerrerio United States Geological SurveyTAG1.pdf
06 - Jankovitz SLR.pdf