Galaxy Elite Fleet

Imagine a universe where the known galaxies are run by a highly organised, technologically advanced group of planets known as the Inner Rim, that like to think themselves a bastion of art, culture as well as being at the forefront of scientific and engineering discovery. A thousand years earlier these same planets had an ambition to strike out to the very outskirts of the known universe and maybe beyond. But it was generally considered that humankind would never be able to survive the extremes to be found at the outer edge of the galaxy so a number of genetically altered colonists, so large as to almost constitute a separate race, were sent into the stars on the outer rim.

Their attempts at colonization proved successful. So successful that the worlds of the outer rim evolved into a powerful, if lawless, force in their own right, run by ambitious corporations and all powerful, fiercely competitive families. They also decided they owed nothing to the inner rim planets and declared their independence. The Inner Rim worlds were horrified at their potential vulnerability to such a threat as well as alert to the fact that other worlds may think it a good idea to follow suit. An agreement was struck with the outer rim leaders in an effort to stop an all out conflict. The GEF, or Galaxy Elite Fleet was created by the Inner Rim Worlds. An ultimate fighting force conceived to defend and protect the inner rim, and if necessary enforce law and order within the borders of inner rim space and on its edges. THE GEF UNIVERSE was born.

Captain Kate by Sophie Angmering

Captain Katherine Thorn has one of the toughest reputations in the Galaxy Elite Fleet. Her problems start when she mistakes two powerful diplomats for Rim pirates, and attempts to ensure their silence regarding their rescue by using sexual blackmail. But Kate has never come across anyone like these two men before, two men who are prepared to use every method at their disposal to ensure payback.

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Nell Thorn by Sophie Angmering

Mouthy, brassy blonde bombshell Helena Thorn is the oldest daughter of one of the most established and influential Galaxy Elite Fleet dynasties. Ambitious, focused, she is fast tracking herself to Sector Command by running covert missions for a clandestine group within the Fleet. Her latest orders involve locating a sex slave on the planet of Egalita Prime, buying him, and then relocating him without anyone finding out about what she has done. Simple.....

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Prequel to "Damian" Free to download

If you can't wait for your next instalment of GEF action, download "Luce" for free by clicking the link.

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GEF books in progress... Damian

If you have read ‘Captain Kate’ and ‘Nell Thorn’ you will know about the power wielded by the Galaxy Elite Fleet psychological assessors or ‘Psychs’. Damian Thorn is one of the most notorious GEF psychs, set to attempt what looks like a suicide mission with a fleet cadet who possesses a particularly murky past. She has no option but to join Damian on his latest undertaking, but sparks are going to fly!

The story 'Captain Kate' was lucky enough to appear in one anthology and one box set alongside other fabulous sci-fi stories written by fantastic authors.

Seeing Stars Anthology

Out of this World box set