Sookti Chaudhary

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Hamilton College, NY. My research interests span across international trade, environmental economics and health economics. My primary research concerns the relationship between international trade and the environment. Specifically, it delves into the impact of import competition and Regional Trade Agreements on carbon dioxide emissions and facilities’ decisions on management of chemical emissions. Another strand of my research looks at Emergency Medical Services in the United States. In particular, these projects focus on ambulance services, hospital closures, and ambulance usage in rural/urban areas. Additionally, I am interested in global climate change, international labor migration, international environmental agreements, public health, and the US health care system.

At Hamilton, I currently teach Environmental Economics and Trade and the Environment. For Spring, I am scheduled to teach Health Economics, Environmental Economics, and Environmental Justice. At the University of Kentucky, I taught introductory courses in macroeconomics and microeconomics. I also have teaching experience in a variety of other courses such as international business, strategic management and principles of management.