Hi, it me!

The time I have is the most trouble concept I deal with.

My public projects

Zephyrus: A web application that gives a real time water and weather level condition based on automatic water level recorder (AWLR) and automatic weather station (AWS). This app initialized by my beloved brother Muhammad Arif Setyo Aji (Meteorolgy ITB 2016) as an assignment at his incubator program and we still developing until now. I have an opportunity to help developing the front-end and little bit the back-end.

Knowledge sharing with Manajemen Sistem Informasi Kehumasan dan Referensi Unit from Kemenkeu about information literacy in December 2017. I had an opportunity to talked about how social media analytics can help a public sector adapts and survives in the online media to provide relevant information to their users. The team was me, Nico Wahyu Pradana, and Saiful Afidhan. The slides is given in my academic life section below. :)

Sharing Knowledge.wmv

I love this. The video was taken as a data support to my research at MMI class about modernization in Margonda street. Credit to Tubagus Dwika Yuantoko (FKM UI 2015) as my partner and advisor when take and edit this video. The slides of this research is given in my academic life section below. :)

Margonda Depok.mp4

Quranize: A web application that indexing the Holy Quran with fast and scalable retrieval ayah. You can search using English or Indonesia language. In collaboration with Alfan Nur Fauzan (CS UI 2012).

link: bit.ly/quranize

Indonesia Datamaps: The visualization of data education, child marriage, stunting, and teenage prenancy in Indonesia. (In collaboration with Unicef Indonesia). If the datamaps not displayed, check the link below.

link: jar.sonyw.xyz or jaringanaksiremaja.com

Bibilografi Indonesiana: All of information resources that tell about Indonesia. This project was initialized by LIS UI student batch 2014 class A.

link: indonesiana.azurewebsites.net

My academic life at Universitas Indonesia (2014-2018)

Some of my talks and slides at c{onference,lass,olloqia}

Presentasi inushart Sony.pdf

My slides for inusharts 2018

Librarians as Data Scientists_.pdf

My slides at datascience4library Jakarta

bootstrap framework.pdf

My slides about bootstrap framework for front-end web development at PTPI class

Perpustakaan Kemenkeu 2.0.pdf

Knowledge sharing with kemenkeu about information literacy


The pathfinder for someone who has interests in NLP research

Model Literasi Informasi Mckinsey Model.pdf

One of my favourite information literacy model: Mckinsey model

Pemasaran & Kemas Ulang Informasi di Perpustakaan Dirjen Ketenagalistrikan.pdf

Marketing and information packaging at Dirjen Ketenagalistrikan library

Analisis Konsorsium Perpustakaan.pdf

Library concortium analysis: CSIC Spain


Introduction to NLP-Social Media Analytics. Slides from Bapak Alfan Farizki Wicaksono.

Sentiment Analysisis-Research Method Class.pdf

My slides how to do sentiment analysis research

PPT Audit Informasi - Artikel.pdf

Information Audit: The foundation to develop knowledge culture


Slides at MMI Class: The Impact of modernization at Margonda Street

Penjelajahan Samudra dan Perkembangan Perniagaan.pdf

The discovery era and trade development @worldhistory class

Presentasi SDJ - Diplomasi Kebudayaan (Updated).pdf

The Japan soft power: Culture. Slides @historyof_japandiplomacy

Presentasi Komunikasi Profesional.pdf

Profesional communication: Dealing with housewife.

Lack of Sleep Side Effect as Part of lifestyle -part 2.pdf

Lack of sleep as part of lifestyle?

Some of my paper and assignment for c{onference,lass,olloqia}.

P.S: All of the reading materials below aren't published at journal or UI-ANA. So you can freely download and read it. But please, be wise.

Eksposisi_Keamanan penyimpanan Cloud adalah Keamanan Data.pdf

My talk during Miscrosoft student partner UI program about the introduction of cloud computing and the security.

Open Data Sebagai Solusi Alternatif Meningkatkan Transparansi Publik.pdf

My paper assignment at knowledge management class, which about open data.

Mewujudkan Ekosistem Informasi Melalui Media Radio dan Pers Lokal pada Masyarakat Marjinal di Indonesia .pdf

Any idea to develop information ecosystem at rural areas in Indonesia?. I do still love to listen radio.

Knowledge Management (AI).pdf

What is knowledge management? And what the essence in a organization?.

Perancangan Aplikasi Web Untuk Analisis Ruang_ Visualisasi Penggunaan Ruang di Perpustakaan.pdf

A web heat-map user location at library

Modernisasi Kawasan Margonda.pdf

A snapshoot modernization at Margonda

Modul Metada Submission and Support pada INLISLite_ Observasi di Perpustakaan PPSDMKEBTKE.pdf

Module Metada Submission in INLISLITE V.3.0

Dataset for research (still on wrangling which the best data to publish)

ebook I currently read in February, 2019 (I got the ebook from internet)