how can I volunteer?

Register to volunteer, you will receive a confirmation of your submitted registration. Registration is first come first serve, there is a limited amount of spaces for stay, hence a limited amount of people can volunteer during each trip.

When chosen, a fellow volunteer will contact you with more details of the upcoming trip and will be able to answer any of your questions.

How many days?


The volunteering event happens during the weekend; arriving Friday night, working all-day Saturday and part of Sunday morning and adjourning to the US Sunday afternoon (depending on the volunteers schedules).

Do I need to speak spanish?

No, the coordinators are bilingual and will be there to help translate.

General Work Conditions

  • Lifting heavy objects (50 lbs and more)
  • Working on unpleasant conditions; outside in a construction site.

Adherence to applicable safety protocol required and will be discussed at site.


  • Stay the three full days
  • Valid Passport (for days going and returning)
  • $40 non-refundable fee