Changelog for Sonic AGES Build 11 - Post SAGE Edition:

I'll be making efforts to update AGES Every Friday.

SAGE Booth-

Notes: Theres a very small percentage of players who seem to experiencing their player moving on their own. most of my time has been into trying to research and solve this issue. Any extra info on this would be very useful.

This week i've focused on mostly just fixing pretty large bugs so i can resume the art and animation bits. gameplay before art, you know?

Messing around with the latest version of unity to see if everything ports over fine without bugs. seems to deliver smoother gameplay to AGES.

Also preparing online multiplayer. (only racing at the moment, unless more ideas come up)


- Linux Builds

- Max Builds

Major changes

- Fixed that nasty control lock glitch when players couldn't regain air control on a bouncy object after losing it.

-added the basic standalone player for those that's experiencing issues with their player running around without them pressing a single button. actually this didn't fix the intended thing i was tryign to fix so im going to remove this next build.

Minor changes

- Moved some of the enemy placement so it isn't cheap anymore.

- Increased the deadzone for the 360 control stick from 0.4 to 0.5.

Things you likely wont notice

-Updated unity from 5.5.4 to 2017.1.1 (to take advantage of faster level creation and smoother gameplay?)

Previous Builds

Build 10 - SAGE Edition

No change log here since this is the public debut.


"Sonic AGES" is a fan made game meant to be distributed as freeware and is in no way related to Sega, Sonic the hedgehog is a Sega registered trademark.