Senyao Sonia SHEN


About Me

I am currently a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at CUHK, and my research interests include heritage speakers, childhood bilingualism, and second language acquisition. I recieved my M.A. degree in Linguistics from CUHK, where I finished a thesis examining heritage Chinese children's acuisition of null and overt objects under Prof. Virginia Yip's supervision. I received my B.A. degree from Nankai University, and took a gap year to investigate Wu dialect and Kun Opera upon graduation.

Born in Beijing but with grandparents originating from southern part of mainland China, I am a native speaker of Mandarin, and can understand and speak a little Shanghainese (Wu dialect). I am fluent in English, and I have learned preliminary French. Now I am learning Korean and Cantonese at school.