Songs of the city - web view 540p 50fpm.mp4

Songs of the City is a sonic art book package.

The video which accompanies the book is the result of collaboration with sound engineer, Benoit Lerat.

inspiration from scientific research into the decline of urban bird song, the book centres around the journey of a

mute urban blackbird on a quest: to find its own singing voice in Manchester's hubbub.

Photo © Craig Travis Photography

My name is Adelina Court and this photo was taken completely spontaneously as I was perched atop a Boltonian roof like a northern Kookaburra.
I sketch mostly inside a soft cover moleskine notebook, but I am also partial to a watercolour hardback that gives me more visual kudos.
My sketches nearly always end up featuring a blackbird, a Canadian goose, or some other urban winged animal. I also have hedgehogs crop up on the odd occasions - not the winged type!
In my head, I am a cinematographic/musical arranger. In reality, I draw and find ways to make the drawings sing or move. So far, I have been lucky to find people who actually know what they are talking about and help me out with this.
Photo © Craig Travis Photography