Q & A

What is a cooperative preschool?

  • A cooperative preschool is a non-profit organization owned and operated by registered members of the school.
  • Parents have the opportunity work directly with trained teachers to plan the direction of the school and are involved in their child’s education by volunteering in the classroom.
  • Please refer to the About section for additional information about Somers Cooperative Preschool.

Is Somers Cooperative Preschool licensed?

  • Yes, the school is licensed by the State of Connecticut.

What are the requirements for my child?

  • Children must turn three by December 31st of the year in which they are enrolling. After January 1st, a child may register with the preschool after they have had their third birthday.
  • Children are expected to be toilet trained. Children should bring an extra set of clothing in the event of an accident. Diapers are not permitted.
  • An up to date health form is required with registration.

What is expected of a Somers Cooperative Preschool parent?

  • Parents are expected to work in the classroom approximately once per month, dependent on class size. If your child is in an extra day program, parents are expected to work additional days accordingly.
  • Parents must participate on a committee to assist in the operation of the school.
  • Parents assisting in the classroom must undergo a state background check.
  • Parents must submit a completed health form documenting a recent physical exam and negative TB test.

What if I cannot work in the classroom?

  • There are two non-participating openings in each class. These openings have slightly higher tuition. Non-participating parents are excused from assisting in the classroom, but are required to participate on a committee.
  • Siblings are not allowed in the classroom during class time. Many families are able to work out babysitting swaps with other parents in the class.

What is the student to adult ratio?

  • The ratio is no more than 1:10. There are always two certified teachers as well as one to two parents (depending on class size) present in the classroom. The maximum class size is 20 students.

How long is the typical school year?

  • Our typical school year runs from September to midway through June.
  • We follow the Somers Public School calendar regarding holidays and vacation days.

Will I need to be involved with fundraising?

  • As a non-profit school fundraising is essential to supporting our program. Members are encouraged to participate in various fundraising efforts throughout the year. A buy out option is available to those who choose not to participate in fundraising.

Is the school religion based?

  • No, our school leases space from Somers Congregational Church but we are not a non-secular program.

Can my child attend Somers Cooperative preschool if I am not a Somers resident?

  • Yes, Somers Cooperative Preschool is open to all children. We welcome children from Somers and all surrounding towns.