• A total of 304 AFP cases were reported in 2019. Of these 291 (96%) were discarded, Three are cVDPV2, and 10 (3%) are in lab for processing.

• 294 cases have lab results. Of those with lab results, 85 cases have EV isolation, 19 SL isolation, 3 CVDPV2, and 187 were discarded.

• A total of 51 ES samples were collected and sent to the lab in 2019 from the 4 ES sites. 26 are negative, 14 have NPEV, 1 has aVDPV2, 4 has Sabin viruses (1 &3) and 1 sabin and NPENT. There are 5 samples from four sites pending in the lab for processing.


• No new cVDPV2 reported this week from AFP cases. Date of onset of the most recent cVDPV2 was on 08 May 2019. A total of three cVDPV2 cases were reported in 2019.

• No new cVDPV2 reported from ES sample in 2019. Date of collection of the most recent positive ES sample was 11 October 2018.


• One PV2 isolates (SOM-SOL-LND-2019-015-C2) was reported from a female contact during week 44 (details on page #4). The PV2 isolate was shipped to CDC for sequencing. Awaiting results.


• No new cVDPV3 reported from AFP case in 2019. Date of onset of the most recent cVDPV3 from AFP case is on 7 September 2018.

• No new cVDPV3 isolated from ES sample in 2019. Date of specimen collection of last positive sample is 23 August 2018.

cVDPV2: from community sample

• No new cVDPV2 was reported this week from community sample. one cVDPV2 was isolated from the community sample collected on 25th May, 2019 from Ufeyn District, Bari region Puntland.

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