2018 NID-2

Round: NID-2

•Date of Campaign: 1-7 October 2018

•Vaccine type: bOPV

•Target: 2,686,021 children Under 5

•Geographic coverage: 18 regions (i.eall Somalia regions except M. Jubba)

•Number of districts targeted:101

➢Number of U-5 Vaccinated: 2,628,693 (98% )

➢Adjusted coverage from total U5 pop in Somalia: 86%

➢Intra-campaign IM Coverage: 97%

➢Post IM coverage: 98%

➢LQAS: Of the total109 lots in 97 districts, 90 lots have passed, 11 are satisfactory, 6 are incomplete and not classified,and 2 lot failed.

  • Of the total 3 million children under 5 years in Somalia, 2,692,202 living in the accessible settlements were targeted for this round and a total of 2,628,693 (98% ) of these were vaccinated in this round.
  • 32,258 were vaccinated for first time and half of the zero doses were from Somaliland.
  • The adjusted coverage calculated from total under 5 children is 86%.