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SNID 2018 synchronized round 3

  • Campaign date: 25-28 November 2018
  • Vaccine type: mOPV2
  • Target area: 9 regions in South and Central. 67 districts in total. 1 region is completely inaccessible (Middle Jubba)
  • Target population: over 1.5 million under 5 children
  • Click here for campaign data and reports

NID 3-2018

NID -1, March 2019

sNID-1, April-2019

sNID-2 (mOPV2 round 1 in SL and PL June-2019)

sNID-3 (mOPV2 round 2 in SL and PL August-2019)

NID - integrated polio, measles, de-worming & V-A campaign. November -2019