Is manual counting and measurement limiting the reliability, productivity, and validity of your research?

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We specialize in the analysis of digital images captured for skeletal muscle fiber histological analyses.

This is primarily accomplished by harnessing the power of computer science using custom-written pipelines through CellProfiler open-sourced software and statistical software for the reliable, valid, and high-throughput measurement of histological attributes.

Common dependent variables include:

a) muscle fiber cross-sectional area

b) myonuclear number

c) satellite cell number

d) protein expression

e) fiber-type specific attributes (e.g., MHC-I, IIa, and IIx myonuclear number, satellite cell number, or protein expression)

Other analyses include, but are not limited to:

a) cultured cell analyses

b) western blot images

c) analysis of other tissue types (e.g., adipose cell cross-sections)

Our work has been published in multiple, peer-reviewed, scientific publications and we are constantly striving to improve the precision and speed by which data are supplied to researchers to move Science forward.

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