If you're interested in individualized programming and coaching, please complete the "CONTACT FORM" linked at the bottom of the page. Only a brief overview of services is provided below, and individuals are encouraged to speak with Dr. Cody Haun (Owner) directly by completing the simple Google Form linked below.

Training PROGRAMMING (Depends on Agreement*):

  • Resistance training (RT) and/or conditioning programming (CP).

  • RT parameter programming includes: exercises, sets, reps, load predictions (both warm-ups and working sets), session density suggestions, intensity proxies, and potentially more pertinent factors based on individual needs.

  • CP parameters including: mode, type, intensity, duration, HR data, calorie expenditures, and potentially more pertinent factors based on individual needs.

  • Bodyweight and progress tracking features with program overviews for accountability, clarity of progress, and future aims.

  • A weekly progress report including relevant analytics.


  • Calorie and macronutrient recommended totals and serving breakdowns based on specific goals and agreement after initial conversation with Dr. Haun.

  • Nutrient timing strategies.

  • Example food lists, recipes, and serving amounts based upon totals and serving breakdowns anchored to when, how much, and how intensely you train that day.

  • Supplement recommendations to augment recovery and adaptation to training.

*Minimum durations of three months are recommended for more favorable outcomes. Discounted rates are available for basic nutrition recommendations involving only calories and macronutrients and custom rates are available for advanced training data analytics, consultations, or monitoring services. Emails or video consultations can occur on an as-needed basis.