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Application Folder

A sneak peak of just some of the software I have on my computer. If you use a Mac check out the software I use for creating content and artwork.

  1. Applications Folder

  2. Business Software

Business & Accounting

From your Laptop, Desktop to Mobile Phone. Keep on top of your finances wherever you are. Read about it here:

  1. Accounting on the go!

    Software Folder dot Design Business Section:

  2. Business: Web and Content Creation

  3. Business: Design and Business Technology

  4. Business: General

Content Creation & Writing

Start building your presence using one of the recommended content platforms for writers and team collaboration. Choose a topic below:

  1. Content Creation, Collaboration and Storytelling with StoryChief.

  2. Front-End WordPress Website Building

Audio and Music

With there being so many different apps and free image libraries available online, mostly for free, inevitably the DIY CD artwork is the approach or option most bands and musicians appear to be leaning towards.

Inherently this also assumes that originality may be stifled….

Top subject: Design-it-Yourself Cover Artwork

  1. Cover Art and CD Duplication

  2. Cover Artwork for Digital Stores and Streaming Service