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Tired of Adjusting Processes to Suit Software

Mass-produced business software products that are available over the counter or via subscription are designed for common procedures, reports, and processes. That is fine for an ordinary cookie-cutter business. It does not work well for a business with unique needs, one that has developed innovative processes, or businesses looking for a competitive edge. There is some room for customization in general software products, but it is limited.


Many business owners alter processes to suit the software. Making adjustments can pose problems for business operations. Training employees on adjustments is expensive and time-consuming. The learning curve increases errors, slows productivity, and reduces revenues. Every few years the software gets updated and newer versions are required. This can result in other alterations to current procedures every time a new version is released.

The cycle perpetuates itself. What that all comes down to is paying for products that are not responsive to business needs. This is not how the business will move forward, reach goals, or remain competitive. The initial cost of over the counter software may be cheap but does not save unique businesses any money. On the contrary, this practice is costing much more money than owners realize.

Custom Software

An experienced company that specializes in consulting and developing software created for the business can help increase revenues, streamline processes and unlock hidden potential. Many companies that develop custom software will assess the current products and systems used by the business and proceed with the project. This approach is why most IT projects fail. According to Microsoft, only 32% of all projects are successful.

Begin with Consulting

Consulting is a major component of those successful projects. Instead of informing business owners what is required to improve their systems consulting companies, such as Intersoft Associates, discuss problems in processes with owners, key stakeholders, and managers. These people are going to be the ones that know where disconnects happen, what problems keep coming up, and what they need the software to accomplish. It is possible that the problems can be resolved by enhancing existing software or improving how the data is analyzed.

If a custom software dev project is the best solution for the business, consultants can explain why new software is needed and what benefits the business can expect from the investment. At that point, the company provides custom development of software. The goal is to determine how the business can stop adjusting procedures and operate in the desired manner, not to sell services. Go to Intersoft Associates for details on a free initial consultation.