Soft Materials Robot Challenge 2017

29 May - 3 June 2017, Singapore


The Soft Material Robot Challenge invites participants from across the world to demonstrate their robots actuated using soft materials. This challenge provides an international platform to showcase soft robotics research and aims to promote research in the field of soft robotics and applicability to on-field competence. The challenge includes 2 categories:

​A. Soft component technologies challenge.

This section aims to showcase newly developed soft robot technologies, including new actuators, sensors or other component technologies that advance the field of soft robotics. The entries will be judged for significance, originality, functionality and quality of documentation. The shortlisted entries will be required to demonstrate their prototype at the competition venue in ICRA 2017.

​B. Soft robots speed competition.

This section aims to pick the fastest soft robot on land. The teams are required to abide by the following regulations in designing their robots: (1) The robotic body should be made of soft materials. Robots which are completely driven by soft actuators are highly encouraged. (2) The dimensions of the robot cannot be larger than 1m x 1m x 1m. Teams are free to use on‐board or off‐board power supply (bonus points for untethered robots ‐robots with on‐board power). Only inlet to 220 V power socket shall be provided. If a team chooses to use off‐board power sources, all the wires/conduits connecting to the robot should be slack at all times during the run.


15 Feb 2017 Team Proposal Initial Submission

1 March 2017 Final Shortlisting of Participants

30-31 May 2017 Soft Materials Robot Challenge