Societal Computing Lab


Welcome to the SoCo Lab at Indiana University Bloomington! We are a group of researcher trying to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives we touch!


Our research focuses on applying theories, techniques, and research methods to address societal issues and create technologies that impact society.

  • Social support for marginalized and underserved populations
    • People living with HIV
    • People with Autism spectrum disorder
    • People with post-traumatic syndrome disorder
    • People with substance abuse
  • Fostering care for animal and environmental conservation efforts
    • Animal-assisted therapy technologies
    • Wellness and enrichment technologies for animals in captive environments
    • Automated inference of animal behavior based on computer vision and sensor data
    • Using social media to support citizen science for understanding migratory patterns

Current Lab Members

Dr. Patrick C. Shih

Assistant Professor

Juan Fernando Maestre

Ph.D. Candidate

Aehong Min

Ph.D. Candidate

Cassie Kresnye

Ph.D. Student

Master's Students

  • Sai Rohith Achanta
  • Harish Maruthi

Undergraduate Students

  • Alec Theisz
  • JeVante Qaiyim
  • Alex M. Lutz
  • Christina Colón
  • Christian A. Villanueva
  • Megan Furness
  • Iesha Young
  • Jamie Russell