Societal Concerns in Algorithms and Data Analysis

October-December 2018

Weizmann Institute of Science

Overview. Machine learning and data analysis have enjoyed tremendous progress in a broad range of domains. These advances hold the promise of great benefits to individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. This progress, however, raises (and is impeded by) a host of concerns. Research has shown that existing machine learning methods can be vulnerable to adversarial attacks, might introduce biases that lead to discrimination and can leak information in a manner that compromises individuals’ privacy. Addressing these vulnerabilities and shortcomings can help society to harness the full power and potential of advances in data science and machine learning.

This program aims to bring diverse researchers together to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art on identifying and addressing societal concerns in algorithms, machine learning and data analysis.

Activities and scope. The program will bring together international and Israeli researchers throughout the fall of 2018 (October-December). The planned scope includes the following activities, to be held at the Weizmann Institute:

Staying in the loop. If you are interested in participating in any or all of these activities, you can join the Google group (this will also give you access to the calendar).

Organizers. Moni Naor and Guy Rothblum