About Us

While you may see "us" and "we" referenced in posts, updates, etc.

It's really just me, Harley Quinn, behind this.

The creator, the artist, the web designer, the photo editor, etc. I wear many hats. =3

My typical day consists of chaos. I'm currently working on my PhD in Engineering.

I share a hotel style apartment with my partner (R&D scientist) and our two dogs, Midori (dapple dachshund) and Akane (pinto shiba inu). You might see me refer to them as Dori and Aka-chan in posts where they're "helping me" by sleeping on my craft stuff, sitting on things I'm looking for, and stealing small plushie parts (not to chew, just to move from one place to another).

I drink tea for my caffeine fix, typically green tea (jasmine, mint, matcha) and avoid coffee at all costs.

I currently reside in Massachusetts, but I grew up in Pennsylvania and spent some time in South Carolina and Maryland.

I'm neurodivergent. I process information in a more logical, literal, way.
If you want to know something, asking me directly is always the best route. I might not pick up on something if it's implied. I also require extensive detail to do anything (this is extremely important when I'm taking commissions), so if I ask a lot of questions, that's why!