"Exploring the distortions of the human mental and its constantly moving shadow zones has always been a source of inspiration to us; it now comes to a listenable form through our music" say in one voice the **Stone of a bitch** members. In its new eponym album released mid-2017, presented as being an "introspercusive rock", **Stone of a bitch** tells us about its perception of an uncertain physical & psychical environment, its affective root causes and impacts on us. Throughout the 10-songs sound work combining electric, electronic and acoustic instruments, the band highlights social pitfalls ("Life is a trap with its desperate quest for love" // "Instead of anxious we'll be thankful that the danger does not materialize today") and strikes the urge for maintaining an endless struggle ("No one will turn me away from freedom, Some have tried but have never succeeded" // "Let’s raise defying wolves in ourselves"). To promote the rollout, the band is presenting its album on stages incl. around Cannes (France) area, its former base location. The album is mostly distributed under digital license and can be purchased or streamed from any of the traditional musical platforms. 

Contents: 1.That’s a war // 2.Killing summer // 3.Holy // 4.Caribbean dive // 5.Wolves // 6.Croisette // 7.TnBrs // 8.Cold blood tear // 9.We before the people // 10.Hushin’ around.

Contact: soab.theband@gmail.com

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Tour dates


June 30th - Secret Place, Montpellier, France

June 21st - El Mariachi, La Garde, France

June 17th - Back to roots fest', Opio, France

May 26th - La salle gueule, Marseille, France

March 24th - L'Abracadabar, Paris, France

March 3rd - Monster's Art, Frejus, France

February 16th - La Hacienda Rocks, Antibes, France

February 3rd - Festival Off/On, Saint-Aubin (35), France

February 2nd - La minute blonde, Tours, France

February 1st - Rock'n eat Live, Lyon, France


November 20th - South of Heavy (Radio live), http://mosaiquefm.fr & 89.5FM 

November 18th - Altherax, Nice, France

October 28th - Ti'Rock festival, Le Tignet, France

August 25th - Monster's Art, Frejus, France

July 1st - Electrobike festival, Auron, France

Pictures : Yves Moch

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