“ – I used to call them dreams… but in their world, they call them transgressions. 
    Then it often feels like... even my deepest joy was buried in a grave of stone.

  – Just follow the Bible of your Soul. Make it yours, when it says we are stones. 
    Then that is real, each of us is... the Stone of a bitch. ”

(Alice & Ludwig. Chapter II)

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Pictures : Yves Moch

30.06.18 - Secret Place, Montpellier, France

21.06.18 - El Mariachi, La Garde, France

17.06.18 - Back to roots fest', Opio, France

26.05.18 - La salle gueule, Marseille, France

24.03.18 - L'Abracadabar, Paris, France

03.03.18 - Monster's Art, Frejus, France

16.02.18 - La Hacienda Rocks, Antibes, France

03.02.18 - Festival Off/On, Saint-Aubin (35), France

02.02.18 - La minute blonde, Tours, France

01.02.18 - Rock'n eat Live, Lyon, France

20.11.17 - South of Heavy (Radio live), http://mosaiquefm.fr 89.5FM 

18.11.17 - Altherax, Nice, France

28.10.17 - Ti'Rock festival, Le Tignet, France

25.08.17 - Monster's Art, Frejus, France

01.07.17 - Electrobike festival, Auron, France

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