Religion -- Sr. Cecelia

monday: January 25, 2021

G. 3-8...Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: Re-read, Review & Study.

A Big THANK YOU to all who kindly remembered me for Christmas.

May God always bless you and your loved ones!

GRADES 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: DO EVERY WEEK:

COL - Christ Our Life 2016 (website): Family Resources: Loyola Press / Select the desired Grade / Unit # / Interactive Chapter Review or the Unit's Stump the Shepherd / Word Search and Jigsaw Puzzle are for fun.

G. 1 -- 8: Every class day, a student should review the lesson that was covered during class.

Please see the yellow section above. Students should do the chapter's or units website's 2 review activities every week. This may be done once or twice each week. Usually, a chapter or unit test will be on a Thursday or Friday (depending upon when the last class is during the week.

TB = textbook / AB = Activity Book / WS = work sheet / Ch. = Chapter / CN = Class Notes

Grade 1

Ch. 13: P. 121-122 Re-read and play teacher / 122 Draw youself being Jesus's Helper

Grade 2

Ch. 14: P. 113-114 Play Teacher

Grade 3

Ch. 13: TB 66-67 Re-read / AB 54 Act of Contrition

Grade 4

Ch. 13: P. --

Grade 5

Ch. 16: P. 137-138 re-read / 138 Share Your Faith

Grade 6

Ch. 14: P. 125 / Web-COL Chapter Review if you still need to do it

Grade 7

Ch. 13 P. 107 Euthanasia - know all about it

Grade 8

Ch. 11: P. as directed

Free Online Resources for Enrichment:

Archeparchy of Philadelphia / THE WAY (newspaper): spiritual articles for upper grades and adults or The Kids Corner with various explanations and activities -- This free newspaper is bimonthly and has English and Ukrainian editions.

For high school students thru adults: GOD WITH US ONLINE has free webinars, Sunday reflections and other resources

Royal Doors / An Eastern Catholic daily Scripture passage with a reflection that is then sent to your email after you register online.