Sr. Cecelia

September 23, Monday 2019


G. 1--8: have internet homework starting with every chapter & unit. It is an excellent way to learn well the main concepts of each chapter or unit. Please read the Internet Homework Guide below the G. 8 box.

Students who do the internet with the chapter will have a great advantage in learning. The website may be done more than once during the week until the concepts are mastered.

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Grade 3

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Welcome to the New School Year at SNUCS!

Internet Homework Guide

Christ Our Life 2016 /... Christ Our Life 2016: Loyola Press ... Family Resources picture ... Select the needed Grade # ... Select the needed Chapter # ... Do the Study Guide first ... Then do the Interactive Chapter Review ... Repeat until all the of the information is mastered.


Parents are the main teachers and examples in the spiritual development of their children. Teachers are only helpful guides and supplements. Together, may we help to empower our students to become the best Beloved Sons and Daughters of God!

"Christ Our Life" is the new and main religion textbook series. It involves the entire family in helping the children to holistically grow in their Faith. We will begin Chapter 1 next week.

This series will also help the students to more concisely learn & remember important knowledge of the Christian Catholic Faith. Also, it will help more directly to prepare them for the ACRE National Religion Tests in G. 5 & G. 8. The National Religion Test will be the week after Catholic Schools Week.

Ideally, a chapter will be taught & tested, during each school week with at least 4 days. Unit Tests will be accumulated to be used as Mid-term and Final Exams.

Also, G. 4--8 have annual summary Pre-Post Tests. Thus, the opportunities for "challenges of longer-term recalls-of-knowledge" will help ensure a more lasting memory of Faith knowledge. We are all God's beloved children. What we believe and how we live it are vital in "building the Kingdom of God on Earth" while immersed in a "global village " of many various ideologies.

At the beginning of each week, please read the:

~Parent Letter at the beginning of each new unit

~Family Page at the end of each chapter, and please select at least 1 activity -- IF POSSIBLE to do during the week.

~Summary Page & Review pages

Homework will involve using the COL website to reinforce the key concepts. Please let your children use this website early in the week & repeat until the chapter or unit is mastered. This approach is vital for the Religious Education of your child(ren).

Students are encouraged to make index cards or binder/notebook pages of the Study Guide & Stump the Shepherd questions.

Students may also go to their former grade level websites to ensure that they know well the previous lessons. (Sometimes, at least playing Stump the Shepherd & doing the Word Search could be more profitable than playing a repetitive video game or a media entertainment.)

As encouraged by Saint Pope John Paul II, I will teach with both lungs of the Catholic Church (Roman & Byzantine-Ukrainian). This will be with due respect for the Orthodox who are so very close to Ukrainian Catholics. For students of other Faith Traditions, they will enhance many of their beliefs ... and know-first-hand what Catholics believe, because some others and the media tend to give inaccurate information and/or sentiments about the Catholic Church's teachings, ministry and stances on current moral issues.

At times during class, these Religion Series will be used as supplements:

FL.....Faith and Life (previous series used)

WL....Welcome - Витай (G. 1 & 2)

BL.....Bless the Lord (G. 1-4)

GW...God With Us (G. 1-8)