Mrs. Hutsal

January 15, 2021



Grade 5

"Kazky": wkbk. p.42 (study words for test), wkb. p.43

"Tyt i tam" (for Raleigh and Ralph): workbook p.3 , study all words how to read and write 5 times each, study numbers from 1-20, 30, 40

Grade 6

"Hodit zi mnojy": wkb. p. 41, 42, read p. 75-76, words

"Tyt i tam" write and translate words from reading book p. 49 (up to words to p. 29), read p. 30-33, translate each and write sentences a notebook


Michael: wkb. p.53 (study words for test)

Alex: wkb. p. 16, 17, read p.32-34, words

Grade 7

"Druzi": read p. 36, words to p. 36, wkb. 20, 21, 22, wkb.p 19 (study words for test)

"Nashi skarby": wkb. p. 48, 49, 50, 51, read p. 81-94, words to p. 81-94, memorize one poem

"Prygody": read p. 70-71, words, wkb. p.39 (words for test)

"Kozacka doba": Lekcia #17, vpravu, be ready for test

Grade 8

"Hodit zi mnojy":

Maja: wkb. p.25 (study for the test), read p. 56-61, words to p. 56-61

Melania: wkb. p. 90 (study words for the test), 91, 92

"Nashi skarby": read p. 328-332 words, , wkb. p.150

"Shkola": reading book p. 76, all words up to p.30 reading book