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Our popular snow removal services include unlimited snow plowing and snow shoveling on a monthly plan. With our competitive pricing and reliable services, we offer Edmonton's best value for residential and commercial snow removal services.

Driveway Snow Clearing Prices & Service Highlights

    • Simple monthly plans starting at $110 + GST
    • Unlimited snow shoveling (no limits or hidden charges)
    • Pet- and plant-friendly salt alternative ($20 / 20kg +GST)
    • Regular updates on timing during storms
    • Easy online signup
    • vacation snow removal options available also

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How Is Snow Removal In Edmonton Done?

In places with light snow, brooms or other light instruments can be used to brush off snow from walks and other surfaces. In regions with more precipitation, snow is commonly removed with snow shovels, a large lightweight shovel used to push snow and lift it, and snow scoops or sleigh shovels, a large and deep hopper-like implement fitted with a wide handle and designed to scoop up a load of snow and slide it on any slippery surface to another location without lifting. Other tools include snow pushers and shovels with one or more wheels.

Salts can be toxic to plants and aquatic life. Sand can alter aquatic habitats where roads are near streams and lakes. Acetates can reduce oxygen levels in smaller water bodies, stressing aquatic animal life. Sand can be ground by tires into very fine particulate matter and become airborne, contributing to air pollution.

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Snow Removal Companies Near Me

Large organizations such as universities and airports also often have their own mechanized snow clearing force. Public transit systems generally clear bus stops while post offices clear around mail boxes. Railroads have their own snow clearing devices such as rotary snowplows.

Shoveling entails a considerable amount of physical effort and can strain the back and the heart. Each year many senior citizens and middle aged persons die from heart attacks while shovelling snow.

In some places, laws require homeowners to clear snow from the public sidewalk in front of their house, as well as a pathway on their own property to their mailbox. Those who fail to do so, depending on the jurisdiction's laws, may experience fines and may be civilly liable for injuries suffered by another on a surface that they were required to clear.

How Much Snow Removal Cost

Choosing to hire a snow removal service will save you time, money and possibly any removing-related injuries. It can be hard to predict what your snow removal costs will be because it’s hard to predict the weather, but what is predictable is the time and hassle saved from hiring a service.

Snow melting mats are another easy DIY project that take little to no effort, besides installation. Installing a snow melting mat is simple and is as easy as placing the mat on the surface area you want to keep cleared of snow. Turn on the mat 30 minutes before any snowfall to ensure the mat is heated and ready for the snowfall. Prices for surface areas are below:

Although the terms snow removal and snow plowing are sometimes used interchangeably, "snow removal refers to actually removing the snow from the site, while snow plowing means you are pushing it into a pile and leaving it on the property

Snow Removal Cost Edmonton, AB

It may cost an extra $5 to $20 to hire someone to shovel your walkway. The extra cost will vary depending on the size of the area that needs to be shoveled. A plow service may hire someone to ride in the truck and shovel walkways while they plow the driveway. Some snow removal services offer this service and some do not. Make sure to ask your potential snow removal company if they offer this service. You can choose to shovel the walkway yourself to save some money. Honestly, the main driveway is the hardest part of snow removal.

It is estimated that in Edmonton, Alberta Canada the city of Edmonton spends $100 million annually on snow removal. The employees who do this work are generally the same workers who do road maintenance work during the summer months. In some suburbs of Edmonton garbage trucks are also equipped with plows and used for snow removal. Many smaller communities sign contracts with insurance companies, under which the insurance company assumes the risk of a heavy winter. The insurance company of course sets the rates such that averaged over time they will make a profit; the town is willing to overpay for snow removal in mild winters in order to avoid the risk of running dramatically over budget in the occasional severe winter.