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These are my comments for site LP1523 Land at Westercroft Lane, Northowram


I disagree with the Council’s assessment that this site fulfils ONLY three of the five purposes of Green Belt and is therefore rated as ‘highly sensitive’.

The council’s assessment for Purpose III: [“To assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment”] is illogical and lacking in objectivity and several of the negative outcomes are wrong. The correct outcome is that it does fulfil Purpose III resulting in the site fulfilling four of the five purposes and being rated as ‘most sensitive’.

This site is the last remaining area of Green Belt of any significance separating the hamlet of Westercroft from the main urban area of Northowram. Development would lead to urban creep towards the village envelope of Lumbrook and give an uneven development pattern leaving other areas of Green Belt vulnerable.


This site will intensify pressure on the narrow Westercroft Lane and its junctions with the A644 and A6036. It will add further pressure to the nearby Hipperholme junction and Air Quality Management Area (A58/A644).

The local highway network in Northowram & Shelf is already congested but no figures for current or future traffic volumes and congestion have been provided, preventing an informed understanding of future problems, at this site and for the area as a whole.


During the summer this field is covered in wildflowers and grasses that provide habitat and feeding sites for birds, insects and mammals. A full, independent ecology survey should be carried out before allocating this site.

Additional Comments:

This site is one of 12 proposed new housing sites in Northowram and Shelf, which would increase the number of houses there by 959. This scale of development will drastically change the nature of our communities and local environment and cause unsustainable pressures on narrow local roads and other social infrastructure. Instead the focus of development in Calderdale’s Local Plan should be on the regeneration of brownfield sites in sustainable town centres.

I propose that the land remain as Green Belt.

I have read the suggested comments for this proposed housing site prepared by the Shelf and Northowram Local Plan Forum and agree with them.

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