LP1036 - Land North of Shelf Cricket Ground

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These are my comments for site LP1036 - Land North of Shelf Cricket Ground, Shelf


The boundaries of LP1036 have been significantly altered since the Local Plan Draft version 2017 but the Green Belt assessment does not appear to have been updated. This makes it very difficult to make an informed comment on its Green Belt status.

The site is linked to the existing urban area only by its short boundary to the east. Development would result in a narrow strip of housing surrounded by Green Belt on two sides and a sports field on the third. The existing green belt assessment is highly subjective and lacking in competence.


This site needs to be assessed alongside adjacent sites LP1034, LP1035 and LP1037 to which it is linked. Access to LP1036 will have to be through LP1034/1035 onto Soaper Lane which lacks a footway on the south side. Access onto the A6036 via Burned Road (most likely route) uses a dangerous, narrow, winding country lane which is poorly lit as befits a quiet rural lane. Burned Road does not have footways for the majority of its length so is not suitable for the larger traffic volumes generated by this and other linked sites interacting with pedestrians. Widening of Burned Road would require third party land and demolition of dry-stone walls which the Conservation Section has recommended to keep.

Access onto the A6036 will be via narrow, overloaded junctions at Burned Road and Shelf Moor Road. Management of traffic at the Burned Road junction by traffic lights is a ludicrous suggestion. They will be within tens of metres of the existing pedestrian lights at Shelf Pharmacy and about 100 metres away from Shelf Moor road where more traffic lights are proposed through this already overloaded junction, to manage traffic from other proposed allocations.

The local highway network in Northowram & Shelf is already congested but no figures for current or future traffic volumes and congestion have been provided, preventing an informed understanding of future problems, at this site and for the area as a whole.


There is an old Coal Pit and mine tailings recorded on Coal Authority records, this is visible on the ground. The site is also in a ‘Development High Risk’ area as shown on Coal Authority maps. Old mine workings are becoming increasingly evident from the number of ‘sink holes’ developing. This is a great risk to health and safety and also a financial risk for future residents. A full geotechnical survey should be carried out before allocating this site.

Historic Environment:

This site and LP1034, 1035 and 1037 are bounded by dry stone walls which are a characteristic feature of the local environment and Conservation (Heritage) Section has recommended they be retained. These walls would be destroyed by development in order to widen roads and create access points.


The journey times specified in the Council’s assessment are strangely LONGER than those for linked or adjacent sites that are as close to a bus stop e.g. LP1037. This just shows the complete lack of knowledge or consistency in producing these assessments and also that they cannot be relied upon as a measure of sustainability.

Additional Comments:

This site is one of 12 proposed new housing sites in Northowram and Shelf Ward, which would increase the number of houses there by 959. This scale of development will drastically change the nature of our communities and local environment and cause unsustainable pressures on roads and other social infrastructure. Instead the focus of development in Calderdale’s Local Plan should be on the regeneration of brownfield sites in sustainable town centres.

I propose that the land remain as Green Belt.

I have read the suggested comments for this proposed housing site prepared by the Shelf and Northowram Local Plan Forum and agree with them.

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