The Weather Alliance

South Jersey Weather Readiness Alliance

The Weather Alliance was created to gather and centralize severe weather information in the event of a potential weather disaster. This is done in order to be able to organize and plan response logistics for the multiple counties within the Southern New Jersey Section of the ARRL. The destructive potential of tropical and sub-tropical cyclone systems poses a serious threat to the coastal areas of New Jersey. Every county in the Southern New Jersey Section has been identified as vulnerable to storm surge and/or flooding if they are directly impacted by a Hurricane near coastal New Jersey.

We use Facebook, Twitter and Google Hangouts in order to disseminate weather information rapidly across multiple technology platforms in real time.

All HAM radio operators and Skywarn personnel are encouraged to sign up and follow these social media sites as part of emergency planning.

The Weather Alliance Facebook page:

The Weather Alliance Twitter page:

Below is a PowerPoint presentation on the theory and operations of the South Jersey Weather Readiness Alliance