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A little bit about myself

I am interested in innovative and disruptive software trends specializing in AI, IoT and Cloud technologies with an eye toward practical applications. Software is all-pervasive but I view them through the prism of business use cases that add value, increase efficiency, ease maintenance and improve governance. Generating the maximum business value from innovation projects in a transparent manner, subject to cost and time constraints, is my primary focus. While navigating through the uncertainties and the volatile environment, I look toward the strategic objectives for decision-making guardrails. For ideation and problem solving I often rely on my knowledge and life experiences.

Currently as a product owner I am actively involved in the research and advanced engineering activities to develop future mobility solutions arising from the automotive and transportation industry. Before that I worked as a product manager within the financial services industry with an emphasis on the digital transformation of corporate banking.

Even before that I spent over a decade conducting several research projects in mathematics. My mathematical research started within the fields of algebra and analysis (more precisely, operator algebras) and eventually grew to include topology and geometry (more precisely, homotopy theory) with applications to mathematical physics (more precisely, quantum gravity like string theory). In rather simplistic terms my research can be summarized as problem solving in multi-dimensional spaces or spacetimes via graphs and matrices (both finite and infinite). Adapting to the emerging trends, gradually my interests shifted toward practical applications via real world technologies like

I am originally from India; now I live in Germany. Thanks to my research projects I got a chance to live and gather first hand working experience in the following countries: