There is a method in this madness

A little bit about myself

I spent a considerable amount of time as a mathematician solely driven by one objective, namely, knowledge creation. Now I am fully committed to one goal, namely, business value optimization at strategic and tactical levels. Initially I created this homepage to share some of my old mathematical research output with the rest of the world. However, I am also curious about the evolution of my own ideas that are often influenced by my professional preoccupations. I plan to share my recent thoughts here when time permits.

A little more

I am interested in the market and IT trends within the domain of smart city / smart mobility from a project management perspective. IT is all-pervasive but I view them through the prism of business use cases that add value, increase efficiency, ease maintenance and improve governance. Generating maximum business value from an R&D project subject to cost and time constraints in a transparent manner is my primary focus. At present I am fascinated by the following topics that are not necessarily dissociated from my professional interests:

  • Artificial intelligence, in particular, machine learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Blockchain technology

Broadly speaking, my professional interests lie in the IT sector. Currently I am engaged in the automotive and transportation industry. Before that I worked in the financial services industry with emphasis on digital transformation of corporate banking. Even before that I conducted several research projects in mathematics. My mathematical research career started within the fields of algebra and analysis (more precisely, operator algebras) and eventually grew to include topology (more precisely, homotopy theory) with applications to geometry and mathematical physics. Gradually my interests shifted towards real world technologies like the topics mentioned above adapting to the emerging trends (cf. the line chart below - trends within 'Business & Industrial' category).

I am originally from India and now I live in Germany. Thanks to my research projects I got a chance to live and gather first hand working experience in the following countries: