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A puzzling facet of mathematics from a great science communicator

A little bit about myself

I love large-scale and complex technological endeavors that need to be undertaken today to secure our future for the coming decades (e.g., Preoccupations). I enjoy the challenge and the thrill to think big. I focus on the big picture in strategic planning and I try to incorporate agility into operational planning. When I am convinced of the execution plan to deliver value, I resolutely follow through it motivating and empowering the teams along the way.

Currently, I am deeply engaged in digital engineering capabilities within the aerospace industry to facilitate the execution of next generation defence and space programs. Earlier, I was actively involved in the research and advanced engineering activities within the automotive and transportation industry to develop future mobility solutions. Even before that I worked on software technologies within the financial services industry to help enable corporate banks manage their digital transformation journeys.

After completing my undergraduate education in mathematics and computer science I had spent over a decade conducting several research projects in mathematics (e.g., Mathematics). My research career started within the fields of algebra and analysis (more precisely, operator algebras) and eventually grew to include topology and geometry (more precisely, homotopy theory) with applications to mathematical physics (more precisely, string theory). In rather simplistic terms my research can be summarized as problem solving in multi-dimensional spaces via graphs and matrices. I was particularly interested in infinite dimensional phenomena that arise quite naturally in quantum field theories. Adapting to the emerging trends and in alignment with the societal needs for a digital future, my interests shifted gradually toward practical applications via real world technologies like

Although I am not a software developer, I like to gain hands-on experience with software technologies to facilitate business decisions (consult my Github profile).

I am originally from India; now I live in Germany. Thanks to my research projects I got a chance to live and gather first hand working experience in the following countries:

A bit more

Please take a look at my mother's painting gallery.