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Hiring for free a pixel artist

To be able to run my personal project about writing a book about how to develop a old school platform game (yes, nothing else than a book !), I need a talented artist to draw some amazing 2D pixel arts to be used in some sample code, but also to build the goal of the book: a old-school platform game based on the java platform.

If you are interested, please contact

Note : Need some references for inspiration ? Yes, please see the, or see the pictures from this amazing game out to be in 2017 on PC (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and Playstation 4 !


Chasm in the winter city !
Chasm in the Guard Hall
Chasm in a dungeon
Chasm in front a mysterious hidden dungeon

Tutorials Game ?

Developing your first platform game with Java !

My first goal with this how-to is to provide to any java developer a chance to discover the fun and the technic used into game development. And to discover game development what else than developing a famous platform game, heart of the game industry in the mid 80's.

So, along all chapters of this small book, you will drive steo by step, hand in hand, from scratch to a fun platform game with all standard content await in such game: Title screen, menu, level map, levels and boss.

All those things will be build upon an home-grown framework, based on some java standard, some external libraries, mainly for sound and music management, but also to go further into physic computation.

Ready to start the adventure?

Let's engage the first steps into this hype interactive media world.

Go and have a try on this book, and experiment the code.


To be released in 2017

Start a new Adventure ?

Working in the Healthcare industry, I need to try some new thing to let my imagination flight away. So I decided to learn, how to build some video game. But not 3D shiny game, I am not able to produce such software (not today), but I need to develop one of my child dreams: a fabulous pixelized old school platform game "à la Mario" !

So I spent hours to browse all the web to know where to start and how to use my favorite language (20 years of java ...) so I visit any resource google talk about during my search.

So I open my favorite IDE (Eclipse, yes, nobody is perfect), build a first JFrame based class, add some well known apache commons library to add command line option (yes, I am an old developer, I need command line things), and write my first lines of code, displaying a supid green square on a black back-grounded screen window and the magic start : I move this squared hero on an imaginative field. I was building my first step to a game !

This story adventure has just started !


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