Summer 2017

Individual Ladder League


  • Individual ladder league play, offering competitive play against players of similar skill and ability. League administered by Tracy McKibben.


  • Play will begin the week of July 24th, continuing for 11 weeks. Game play is flexible.
  • There will be some kind of season-end event, playoff games or something, to-be-determined.


  • Any indoor or outdoor court.


  • There is no cost to play in this league, but membership in the Southwest Metro Pickleball Club is required.


  • Each week on MONDAY I will send out the player groupings. The top four players in the standings will play each other, the second four will play each other, third four, fourth four, etc.
  • There will NOT BE a defined time, date, or place for league play. Each group of four will agree on a time and place to play their games.
  • Within each group of four you will play 3 games, rotating partners after each game. Each player will play one game with each of the other three players.
  • Games will be played to 15 points, win by 2
  • Submit your scores to me by midnight of the following Sunday
  • If you are unable to play your games, you are responsible for finding your own sub. Ideally, with the flexible play schedule, this won't happen. You a free to delay your games until a later time, they will simply remain unscored. Failing to show up for your games without trying to find a sub or letting your group know will result in a NO-SHOW penalty.


  • Your ranking within the league is your percentage of points scored divided by the number of points possible.
  • Play 6 games (90 points possible), win all 6 (90 points scored), ranking = 100% (90 divided by 90)
  • Play 6 games, win 5, lose 1 with a score of 13-15, ranking = 98% (88 points scored divided by 90)
  • Play and win 3 games (45 points possible, 45 points scored), miss 3 games (-1 point per game), ranking = 93%
  • Play and win 3 games, NO-SHOW for 3 games (90 points possible, 45 points scored), ranking = 50%


  • First and foremost, this is intended to be fun, for you and for me. Bullies and those with sportsmanship issues need not apply.
  • If you choose to play your league games during "open play" at any location, PLEASE OBSERVE OPEN PLAY ETIQUETTE. If the courts are busy and people are waiting, rotate off the court after each game, keep your foursome together, and rotate back in when a court opens up.
  • There is no entry fee to play in this league, aside from dues for membership in the SW Metro Pickleball Club. However, I do plan to purchase trophies. IF you would like to contribute to the purchase of those trophies, I will gladly accept a $5 contribution. In return for a $5 contribution, you will receive one "wildcard" game. Your wildcard game may be used to erase one bad score from your league results. Did you lose this week 15-0? No problem, invoke your wildcard and that loss won't be counted.
  • I'm flexible. Rule #1 - this is supposed to be fun for everyone, me included, I don't get paid for this. If you have questions or disagree with something, let me know. I'll be flexible and I expect the same in return.