Swedish Championships MTBO

August 23-25 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to an exciting mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) weekend in Stockholm with high quality competitions in varying terrain. This is Swedens largest MTBO-weekend, attracting more than 300 participants each day.

Three competitions with Sprint Friday evening, Long (WRE) Saturday at noon and finally Middle (WRE) on Sunday. The Sprint offers opportunity as "warmup" for those participating in the WRE.

The competitions are open to all participants, however participants from abroad does not compete for Swedish Championship medals. Classes for all ages are available, from W/M10 to elite and veterans.

Latest changes

  • 2019-04-25 Registration is open!
  • 2019-04-16 Bulletin 1 has been published and old maps added!
  • IOF World Ranking Event (WRE)
  • Swedish Championships (SM)
  • Swedish Junior Championships (JSM)
  • Swedish Youth Championships (USM)
  • Swedish Veteran Championships (VSM)
  • Swedish Cup MTBO (Svenska Cupen MTBO)


Friday August 23, SM/JSM/USM/VSM, Swedish Cup MTBO

Saturday August 24, WRE/SM/JSM/USM/VSM, Swedish Cup MTBO

Sunday August 25, WRE/SM/JSM/USM/VSM, Swedish Cup MTBO



WRE and SM

      • D/W21, H/M21


    • D17-20, H17-20, D16, H16, D40, H40, D50, H50, D60, H60, D70, H70.

Additional classes

    • D14, H14, D12, H12, D10, H10
    • Open short, Open middle and Open long

Course lengths and winning times according to SOFT regulations.



The late summer weather in Stockholm at this time of year is usually warm (15-25°C) and dry offering excellent conditions in the forest.


Event director:

Event coach: Magnus Blåudd, +46 702 611309, mtbo.magnus@blaudd.se

IOF Event adviser: Per Frost

Old maps

  • Sprint:
Norra Djurgården_20160215.pdf
  • Long:
  • Middle:
JUNGFRUSUND 2018-10-08.pdf


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