Social Media Mastery

6 Weeks with 2 bonus sessions

Social Media Mastery coaching program is designed to help anyone struggling with developing a social presence

Social Media Mastery with AMAKA!

👉 A - Attract even more new clients than you imagined.

👉 M - Make connections without spamming my friends.

👉 A - Acquire my ideal clients.

👉 K - Kick-start my social media presence.

👉 A - Activate my revenue stream and boost my income.

With this program I can create a powerful, beyond-ideal client profile in minutes "Social Media Mastery” coaching program is aimed at taking my quenching curiosity and turning it into brain-enriching knowledge. i will have the tools to build whatever kind of life i truly desire.

✅ Develop my market presence by networking with other like-minded businesses.

✅ Build visibility through a strong social media presence.

✅Craft engaging content and drive results.

✅ Generate organic growth through leverage and strategic personal content.

✅ Attract ideal clients and grow my business.

✅ Connect with ideal clients through my social media.

✅ Create a powerful profile in minutes.

✅ Leverage across various industries with business strategies and methodologies.

✅ Communicate my value proposition.

Group Program And Individual Program

The best part is you don’t have to be “perfect” or struggle with the subject matter you’re learning. You also don’t have to be extremely well-known or be a “guru” to be successful with your online presence.

All you need to be is yourself, have a big heart, a huge desire to look your best, a willingness to try, and the right coach. That’s what you’ll discover when you invest in Social Media Mastery: Look your best and stand out. Know what to do daily and doing it easily and with clarity. Measure what is working and what is not working. Save time and money because everything is easy once you have AMAKA power!

I will find my ideal clients and then create close relationships with them

Social Media Mastery is the only coaching program that teaches you how to leverage the strategy, mindset, and content of world-class influencers. Their proven framework will help you rapidly grow your personal brand and authority in your market.

You’re Backed By My 100% Solid Gold Money Back Guarantee!*

Becky Nakamura of Waves of Ki Energy

I have worked with Amaka Adindu of AA Consulting Services Inc for almost 3 years now. She has helped immensely with my social media management and customization. She has linked my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and added my interview videos to YouTube using Streamyard. She has a strong knowledge of her area of work and brings many insights with her suggestions and recommendations.

Oluyinka Marcus

I enjoyed working with Amaka. I was satisfied with her professionalism. Her passion for what she does is excellent and applaudable. I recommend Amaka to people who require a good job and productivity in their business.

Imagine an online profile that attracts the clients you want

Imagine achieving the return on investment (ROI) you desire

Imagine rocking your social media presence

Imagine a global presence and visibility for your business



Group Program And Individual Program