Smith’s Pleasant Valley Family Campground, Inc.

Seasonal Information

Please review the following policy and procedures for a seasonal campsite.
All prices include
winter storage on your site. There is no entry into the campground from November 1-April 15, so please plan accordingly.

  • All site prices are with metered electric and shared water –

  • River -$2600

  • Off River - $1600.
    Contracts due by August 15
    $500 down due by Sept 15
    alance paid by April 15.
    ALL payments must be paid by
    CHECK or CASH only unless you want to pay the 3% processing fee.
    The campsite is for 2 adults and your under age 18-year-old children or grandchildren. Elderly parents or grandparents are included in your campsite price. You are allowed 2 visitors per day (one vehicle) for no extra fee. They still must register at The Landing prior to going to your site. After these two, additional visitors your additional visitors will pay the regular visitor fee: $10 per adult, $5 per child ages 5-17 per night. Your visitor fee will permit your guests to stay overnight IN YOUR RV if you do not exceed our 8-person limit per site. You are responsible for your guests’ actions while they are on the campground property. No one may use your RV while you are not here.
    Please keep in mind that this Agreement is for one season only and does not guarantee renewal the following year.

  • Your camper must be roadworthy at all times. It must be licensed and ready to move at any time, per the Ohio State Board of Health

  • Electric will be read on June 1, July 1, Aug 1, Sept 1, Oct 1 and balance at time of closing for winter.
    If Balance in NOT paid by the 15th of each month there will be $50 nonpayment fee added on all balances due.
    CHECK or CASH only unless you pay the 3% processing fee we are charged. Because of unforeseen power outages, we suggest minimum amounts of perishables, to be left in your refrigerator. SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. are not responsible for lost items due to an electrical outage. We will not call during or after an outage. We recommend the use of a surge protector on your camper. SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage that electrical surges may cause.

  • All site care (mowing, weed eating, leaf pickup, keeping the site tidy, woodpiles, etc.) is the responsibility of the Campsite User. If we must mow, weed eat or clean your site, it will be a $50 charge. Site alterations are not permitted. Storage sheds and decks must be pre-approved. Storage sheds must be 5’ from RV. Site improvements (gravel, landscaping, etc.) are done at the expense of the Campsite User and will not be reimbursed.

  • Gray/Black water pump out done by Jon's Septic Service. This must be scheduled by Monday at 8 a.m. with paid $20 (cash only) to the office per pump out. We will no longer be able to charge to your account.

  • Golf Carts/Scooters/Vehicles are to be driven by licensed drivers and your golf cart/scooter must be insured. Proof of insurance must be submitted at time of contract submission. No vehicles or trailers are to be left on the property unattended except golf carts.

  • Insurance on your camper is your responsibility. SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. is not responsible for any damages, manmade, or Mother Nature made, that may occur to your camper. SPFVC Inc., 3Smiths Inc will not be responsible for any loss occurring in the park due to theft, fire, property damage or personal injury. Anyone entering the campground does so at their own risk and is aware of all risks of camping outdoors

  • Your trash needs to be taken to the dumpsters during your stay and prior to your departure yourself. If you leave trash on your site after you depart, a $50 pick-up fee will be assessed. Do not put any appliances or any other kind of trash that is not generated here during your stay in our dumpsters.

  • Campfires must be attended to always and within a SINGLE fire ring. Do not leave a fire burning when leaving the campsite and/or when you turn in for the night. Firewood is to be stored in a neat and orderly fashion. No tin or metal is to be used as a cover. Keep the amount of wood storage moderate so the lot looks neat. Animals including snakes, bugs, and bees move into wood piles that have little or no activity. Firewood is not to be stacked over 4 feet high or stacked against the electrical pedestal

  • You are responsible for your pet(s). Do not leave them unattended. They must always be leashed (with only access to your site). Per Ohio Department of Health, we must have all animals registered with your site. Shot records must be available at any time requested. You MUST ALWAYS pick up after your pets, on your own site and in the grounds!

  • Any vehicle left unoccupied on an unpaid site, without prior written authorization from SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. will be deemed to have been abandoned. Any vehicle not removed from the park within 48 hours after the last day of the season, without prior approval from SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. will be deemed to have been abandoned. Campsite user understands that any abandoned vehicle or vehicles can and will be towed to a storage area on the premises at the expense of the Campsite User. Campsite User further understands that any titled vehicle will be disposed of at the Campsite User’s costs. SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. reserves the right to dispose of the vehicle in any way it deems appropriate including, but not limited to, the following options:

    • If the vehicle has been unoccupied for 5 consecutive days after the term expires defined in the campsite user agreement, SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. may file an action for the seizure of the remaining property with the appropriate municipal court pursuant to ORC 3729.13 The Campsite User shall remove all property and answer within 7 days after the service of said actions. Failure to do so will result in the court either issuing an order authorizing the sheriff, another peace officer, or a bailiff, to remove the property from the campsite and place it is storage or authorize SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths seize the property and cause issuance to SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. of a new certificate of title for the property if the property is a titled vehicle.

    • Once the vehicle is in the storage area for at least 15 days, SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. may obtain a certificate of title so long as the value of the property, after the deduction of storage and clean up fees is less than $2500, pursuant to ORC 4505.101.

    • Any vehicle abandoned on the campground will be assessed a storage fee which will be calculated from the day of abandonment. The fees will be $10 per day for vehicles 1500 lbs. or under and $15 a day for vehicles over 1500 lbs.

    • Campsite User is responsible for any attorney fees and court costs associated with pursuing legal action to remove any property.

  • Anyone selling their RV unit in the park can only sell their unit, not their lot. For Sale signs are not to be displayed on the lot. You can give your information to the office and we will post it there. There is no automatic transfer of site lease and if you sell your RV unit early, there will be no refunds for the balance of the season.

  • Water balloons, water guns, water hoses are prohibited from being shot at the canoes or into the river at any time. Harassment of the canoes at any time is prohibited. If you or anyone from your party is found harassing the canoers it will result in, you and your party being asked to leave without refund. The people canoeing have paid money for their trip and expect not to have it ruined by our campers. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone. We also reserve the right to evict, without notice, anyone in violation of our guidelines. Camping and canoeing is an outdoor activity & is subjected to weather changes. SPFVC Inc. & 3Smiths Inc. is not responsible for the effects of weather changes. NO refunds will be given.

Please make sure you read through the Campground Etiquette that is expected of our campers. These rules apply to all guests, seasonal and overnight.

If you are interested in a seasonal site, please complete the Seasonal Intent Form.