Recording Studio at Riford Brook

The studio at Riford Brook in Braintree, Vermont has been in operation since July of 2015. Previously, studios were operated in Tunbridge, Vermont (the now-defunct "Tunbridge World's Un-Fair"), and elsewhere in Braintree, Vermont.

The studio at Riford Brook can accommodate live recording by small ensembles (8 channels of simultaneous recording), as well as basic analog and digital video production. In addition to the selected gear listed below, the studio at Riford Brook contains a variety of electronics intended for experimentation (kids' electronic instruments, radios, scanners, speakers, etc).

The studio at Riford Brook is available for rent. For more information, click here. For a free consultation about your in-studio recording needs, click here.

Selected Equipment at the Riford Brook Studio

Focusrite Scarlett i8i6

Bogen DB-20 (electric guitar monoblock amp)

Hammond M-100

Baldwin Orgasonic (vacuum tube-driven)

Kurzweil K2000RS

Auratone Super Sound Cube 5Cs (vintage)

The Tunbridge World's Un-Fair (2012-2015) pictured above.