How You Can Help

For Individuals

Individuals can come to the farm 6-8pm during the growing season to pick vegetables for themselves or others. Appointments can be made for visits outside of normal times. Everyone is welcome to volunteer at the farm: pick vegetables, get rid of weeds, plant seeds, run the mower, and so on.

For Families

The farm can be very entertaining for families. Even toddlers can come with parents. They can sit and watch. A 5-year-old can do a lot under proper guidance. Kids can learn about vegetables, insects, soil, water, and wildlife on the farm with their siblings, parents, and grandparents. Fresh vegetables from the vine taste better too. We can arrange picnics and snack times for family events.

For Schools and Educators

We work closely with educators and youth leaders. Youth can learn about vegetables, proper planting, organic gardening, good and bad insects, watering, and more on the farm. Educator and youth leaders, please contact us before hand, and we will arrange educational programs accordingly.

We believe in agri-exercising, getting exercise while working on a farm! Gardening and farming help the youth develop a close relationship with each other, and a curiosity of fresh food and nature.

For the last 10-12 years, Ephraim Smiley has done workshops at the Botanical Conservatory on organic gardening. So he has an educator’s perspective on teaching.

Community Impact

The farm not only feeds people in need, it brings people together. White, Black, Hispanic, Burmese… everyone who comes to volunteer at the farm is considered “brothers and sisters of the soul.” Skin color doesn’t matter here. Everyone is part of the same human family. We work together as a team, to grow vegetables, to feed people, and relieve hunger. But the garden is not just about work. We laugh together, give everyone a chance to meet, and socialize as brothers and sisters of the soul.


The farm always can use volunteer hands in the field. We are also in need of farm equipment and seeds. Please contact us by phone or email if you are thinking of volunteering at the form, or donating your equipment and seeds. Thank you!