South Meck FAC


To allow teachers to use their collective voice in concert with administration to discuss and solve any issues that impede teaching and learning at the school, learning community, or district level.

FAC –Faculty Advisory Council is the school-house site level group, consisting of representatives of the teaching staff that meets monthly to discuss any anonymously presented concerns. This group may discuss and offer solutions, but ultimately it is the school administrator’s responsibility to satisfactorily deal with concerns. Any concerns that are not satisfactorily addressed at the school-house level, as determined by the FAC, shall be taken to the Learning Community Advisory Council (LCAC) by the elected LCAC representative.

LCAC Representative - Laura Walsh (English)

Department FAC Representatives:

  • CTE - James Adkins
  • English - Melissa Hefner
  • ESL - Sibyll Spoons
  • Exceptional Children - Amelia Ramsey
  • World Language - Nhora Gomez Saxon
  • Math - Summer Sartain
  • Performing Arts - Bonnie Hall
  • Social Studies - Richard Runk
  • PE/Health - James Lynch
  • Science - Jim Cooke/Nick Davros

Additional Contact Information:


Principal - Dr. Furr -

LCAC Representative - Laura Walsh (B6) -