Public Service Loan Forgiveness Calculator

Below is the spreadsheet into which you can enter you weekly hours of assignment (instructional , non-instructional and reassigned time) to calculate the "hours of service" that your employment at Santa Monica College is equivalent to for the purpose of applying for the federal "Public Service Loan Forgiveness" program.

Click on the top right hand corner of the Calculator to open the spreadsheet in a new window. READ all the instructions in the spreadsheet carefully.

REMEMBER to check that "0.00" appears in any green text-entry box where you have no assignment.

Public PSLF Hours of Service Calculator

REMEMBER, once you have used the spreadsheet to calculate your hours of service, print the page and attach it to your completed PSLF application before submitting to Human Resources. If you have questions about this calculator, please contact the Faculty Association at 310-434-4394.