Summer holiday cricket camp 2018

Photo above is actually from our end of season awards, hence the cloudy sky and dad umpiring, but if you imagine a bit of sunshine and some professional GCA coaches running things, you're there! Lots of grassy space and other kids to play cricket with. What more could a girl or boy want on a hot summer's day?

2018 summer cricket camp

Last year our summer camp was a roaring success, with lots of the kids who booked into those camps going on to attend our indoor training over the winter and spring, and now playing in our teams this summer. Feedback from parents and players on last year's camps and our coaching this year has been overwhelmingly positive and we're looking to make our camps even bigger and better this summer.

Who are the camps for?

  • Kids aged 5-13
  • Kids of any ability level from beginner to advanced. Players will be split into appropriate groups each day
  • You don't have to be a current member of the club - the camp is open to everyone

When is the camp?

  • 9am-3pm each day
  • Mon-Thurs on the first four weeks of the summer holidays (no camp on Fridays!)
    • 23-26 July (bookings no longer being accepted)
    • 30 July - 2nd Aug
    • 6-9 Aug
    • 13-16 Aug

Where is the camp?

The camp is held at Streatham and Marlborough Cricket Club. See our location page for details.

Do I have to book the whole week? Can I book just a day or multiple weeks?

You can book your child or children into whichever days you like, but obviously kids will probably enjoy attending a full 4-day week the most. You can also book more than one week if you wish, but we'd only recommend that if your kids are extremely keen on cricket, because 4 full days of cricket is a lot at that age, and the activities each week are likely to be similar (though adjusted for the group of kids attending).

How much to does the camp cost? When do I need to book by?

  • £40/day
  • 10% off (applied at the checkout) if booked at least 30 days before the registration close date for each week of the camp
  • Booking for each week of the camp closes the Monday before the start of that week

How do I book and pay?

If you are not a parent of a current member of SMCC Juniors, click here to book and pay online.

If you are a parent of a current member of SMCC Juniors, click here to log in and then book and pay online (this will save you having to input your details again).

Bookings and payments are ONLY through this new registration/booking/payment system, PaySubsOnline.

As ever, word of mouth will be our best marketing, so please tell friends.

How many kids will be in the camp per day? How many coaches will you have?

  • Maximum of 36 kids per day.
  • We currently have an average of 16 children booked in per day (last updated 17th July). Based on the bookings so far, the number of players looks to be split roughly 50/50 between younger (soft ball) players and older (hard ball) players and a range of abilities from novices to advanced. The kids will be split up each day into suitable groups for their activities.
  • We will aim to provide the same coach:player ratio of 1:7 as we aim for the rest of the year, with a suitable ratio of senior and support coaches as per ClubMark guidelines. We will plan to have two 'Level 2' coaches and multiple 'Level 1' assistants.
  • Booking for each week will close on the Monday before the start of the week, so that we can ensure we have the appropriate number of coaches and support coaches.

What do my kids need to bring?

  • A bottle of water (which they can refill at the club)
  • A packed lunch & sufficient snacks (ideally healthy ones) to get them through an active day
  • Clothing suitable for sport
  • Their own cricket kit, if they have some already (if not, we have some club kit that can be borrowed and should that not be sufficient we will expect players to share, which normally they are very happy to do)
  • Sunblock and cap (sunblock will not be applied by coaches, so parents should apply this in advance and/or teach children how to apply it)
  • Any medications that your child needs (e.g. asthma inhaler, EpiPen, etc) - coaches are trained in emergency First Aid but will not give or apply any medication, so you must ensure your child knows how to do this themselves.
  • Consider a change of clothing if the forecast is for showers.
  • It's a good idea to write your child's name on all items, to avoid them getting mixed up.

Cancellation due to weather and refunds

If we're unable to run a camp day due to the weather or similar unforeseen circumstances, we will message you using the mobile number and/or email address that you have provided. The club does not have a space suitable for indoor cricket for up to 36 children on site, so sessions will be cancelled and we will not be able to look after your children on those days.

We will offer refunds if a full day or nearly a full day has to be cancelled. We will not offer partial refunds for days that are interrupted by rain.

Other usage of the grounds on camp days

Please be aware that some Wednesdays there may be an adult afternoon match on one pitch starting from around 1pm, and we may occasionally also have private hirings of one pitch for games typically also starting from around 1pm. On those days we will use only the other pitch at those times, but normally the camp will have full use of both pitches and practice nets.

Please remember we are a non-profit, member-run cricket club

While Gunn Cricket Academy coaches running our summer camp are paid professional coaches and paid support coaches, we as a club are not a business and we are not run for profit. SMCC is, like most all cricket clubs, run by a few of its players and parents, volunteering our time simply for the love of the game and for the love of our wonderful little cricket club. We run the club in our spare time, so please bear that in mind. For example, please try to find the answers to your questions on this website before thinking of emailing us. There's no-one at the club paid to answer emails - it's done by another parent like you while he/she commutes to work or after his/her kids have gone to bed. There's no-one to pick up litter if you leave it except another player or parent. Please be considerate, and if you do decide you want your kids to join the club, please be prepared to help out a little here and there. We enjoy running the club and watching out kids play here, and we want you to feel that same joy!

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