SMC 202?

Local Cohomology and related topics

Stockholm, date TBD


Due to the pandemic, we have made the decision to postpone the "Local cohomology and related topics" Masterclass.

The new dates have yet to be decided. We will keep the applicants informed by email, and we will post updates on this webpage as soon as they become available.

Program Information

Overview: The aim of this workshop is to present two series of lectures on the topic of local cohomology. One series of lectures, given by Professor Àlvarez Montaner, will focus on the combinatorial and computational aspect of the theory. The other, given by Professor Wenliang Zhang, will focus instead on the D-module interpretation of local cohomology. This event is designed for young researchers: PhD students and young postdocs with background in commutative algebra. No prior knowledge of local cohomology will be needed or assumed at the beginning of the lecture series.

Organizers: Alessandro De Stefani (Università di Genova), David Rydh (KTH), Boris Shapiro and Ilya Smirnov (Stockholms Universitet).

Contact: For questions about the workshop, please email Alessandro De Stefani (destefani AT or Ilya Smirnov (smirnov AT

Registration and funding: To register, please submit your application by clicking on the Registration tab and submitting the form. Applicants without PhD are also required to arrange a short recommendation letter (1-2 paragraphs) addressing their background and motivation for attending. The letter should be directly send by the recommender to smc2020.local.cohomology AT

To receive full consideration and be considered for funding, please apply BEFORE APRIL 30. Early applications are encouraged especially from the applicants needing a visa.

We have limited funding to cover lodging for the days of the workshop, from the night of August 9 (included) until the morning of August 14. Please be aware that August 14 should be considered as a travel day, and funding will not conver lodging expenses for the night of August 14. The participants who would like to stay an extra night can do so at their own expenses, by making arrangements directly with the hotel.

Schedule: Lectures will start in the morning of August 10, and will end by noon on August 14. During the week of the workshop , there will be lectures in the morning, and problem sessions in the afternoon. There will be no problem session in the afternoon of August 14, as this should be considered as a travel day.


Josep Àlvarez Montaner

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Wenliang Zhang

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Travel Information

The lectures will be held at SU and KTH.

To get to Stockholm:

  • By air: Arlanda (ARN) is the main international airport, but there is a number of low-cost airlines that fly to Bromma (BMA) or Skavsta (NYO). Arlanda and Skavsta are connected by bus (45-50 min for Arlanda and 80 min for Skavsta): Flygbussarna ( and Flixbus ( There is also a fast train (20 min) to Arlanda ( Arlanda Express is cheapear if bought in advance or for a round trip. Bromma can be reached by local transportation.
  • By train/bus: Depending on where you are traveling from, there may be options to reach Stockholm by train or bus. For example, you could check out the train company SJ (, or the bus company Flixbus (
  • Local transportation: The local transportation company in Stockholm is SL ( The system is quite efficient: you can get pretty much anywhere in Stockholm and surrounding areas by subway, bus, train, or boat. Make sure you purchase a ticket in avance, as you can't usually buy one on board. To buy a single-ride ticket you can find SL machines at most train/subway stations. A more convenient option if you are planning to use the public transport often is to get an SL Access card from an SL center (for example, at Central Station), and to buy a daily/weekly pass. There is also a chance to purchase tickets on your phone, if the SL app is available in your country.