St. Michael the Archangel
Volunteer Service League

The Volunteer Service League is an organization that supports our St. Michael school and parish by providing volunteer opportunities to follow Jesus in building community, serving others and deepening our faith.

stock the library

Donate a book to the SMA Library! Mrs. Cayci receives so many requests for specific genres and titles.

Check out this signup genius for books your family can gift this Christmas. Place your child's name on a sticky note inside the book so that Mrs. Cayci knows who to write on an "I Donated" sticker.

8th Grade Fundraiser Chipotle

Thank you

SMA kids dropped off all of the wonderful items our school donated to the St. Michael's Vet Center.

Looking to volunteer?

For Adult Volunteer opportunities in the SMA school or community - click here.

For Student Volunteer opportunities in the SMA school or community - click here

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School Needs You!

Volunteers are the backbone of our thriving parish and school. The camaraderie and community that is developed through serving and supporting our children, staff, and administration set our school apart from others.

We hope you will give prayerful consideration to God’s will for your role of service as a volunteer at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School. There is something for everyone. Come be part of the fun!

With sincerest appreciation,
Julie Euston
, VSL President
Kelly Byrd
, VSL President-Elect

President: Julie Euston

President- Elect: Kelly Byrd

VP Enrichment: Claire Orjuela

VP Enrichment- Elect: Rebecca Gossman

VP Spirit & Hospitality: Amy Nixon

VP Spirit & Hospitality- Elect: Julie Schultz

VP Special Events: Emmy Pole

VP Special Events- Elect: Meredith Tessmer

VP Virtue: Sarah Campbell

VP Virtue- Elect: Julie Rooney

VP Communications: Jessica Klein

VP Communications- Elect: Elaina Boudreau

Our school community relies heavily upon a group of dedicated volunteers to plan and execute programs that build community, encourage us to serve others and provide opportunities to deepen our faith.